Technical Illiteracy

One of the biggest buzz kills right after you hire a new person is technical illiteracy.

While it may not be obvious to you.

Your staffs ability to perform technical tasks is critical to your business.

It starts with something as simple as the person logging into their computer.

And then moves on to someone's ability to communicate via email.

Next, it rears its ugly head in the person’s ability to come up to speed with your line of business app.

It can be tough to validate technical literacy during the hiring process.

Sometimes there are clues in the person's resume.
Sometimes there are clues on the person's LinkedIn profile... if they even have one.

One of the biggest problems companies face today is technical illiteracy.

A person’s inability to just use Excel or Google Sheets
A person’s inability to use Email.

I see this every day everywhere.

By raising your staff technical literacy levels your business will be able to grow by leaps and bounds.

People will be able to function at a higher level and provide higher value.

Is there a cure?
I don't have one yet. 

But I am targeting this and looking at ways to improve it.

More to come. Stay tuned.

Gone Fishin'

I get around 150 email messages per day.

With that volume of email I've had to develop a method for keeping things going. 

Sense since phishing seems to be all the rage these days I thought I’d talk a little bit about phishing and how I handle it.

Here's a link to what phishing is if you don't already know.

So my general rule of thumb with email is - Don't Click - Delete.

Meaning - If I don't know what it is just hit delete.

Call me crazy but it keeps my inbox clean and helps me focus on the things I need to focus on.

If I get an email for an account confirmation that I didn't sign up for I hit delete.
If I get an email from a vendor I didn't buy something from I hit delete.
If I get an email from something I did not subscribe to I hit delete.
If an email lands in my spam filter, well that's just too bad, because I don't check my spam filter. 

There is one caveat.  If someone calls me and says they sent me an email and I don't see it in my inbox, then I’ll check my spam filter.  But that only happens maybe once or twice a year.

So yeah…
Call it Feng Shui
Call it decluttering your life

For me the general rule of thumb is if I don't know who is knocking.  I am not opening the door  

When it comes to managing your email and especially when email phishing is such an epidemic - it's important to remember that curiosity killed the cat.

So don't click delete is the way to go.

Don't click - Delete

Technical Literacy

There are certain things in life that people learn for themselves.

Unfortunately it seems technical literacy is not one of those things.

So what is technical literacy?

It's someone's ability to navigate a computer and the applications your business uses.

Technical literacy is no respecter of persons.

I see people struggle at any age group.

It's something we might think about when hiring an older candidate but the reality of it is is that younger candidates have the same problems.

The good news is that technical literacy is something that can be taught.

Take a look at your staff.

Who on your team might be struggling?

Consider what you can do to help them.

Believe me, they are out there. Quietly sitting in their cubicle or in their office with the door closed staring at their computer trying to figure out how to do something.

Technical literacy is a huge productivity killer.

In the short term the best thing you can do is to identify where your staff has gaps  Then get your people some training.

Give them the help they need.  The payback will be huge.

When you are hiring then make sure that the candidate can actually do what they say they can do on a computer.

It's costing you money!

Another thing you can do is to add technical literacy as part of your onboarding plan when hiring new people.

This will give the new hire ample time to learn the tools they need to do their job.

Obviously this still will not cover a person’s ability to use email or create a worksheet. It will not help a person better format a report or provide a decent presentation.  But these are things they are taught in junior colleges all over the US.

Invest in your people.

You will see a payback.