Dream Team

I enjoy working with teams.

Working with people creating, collaborating and building great businesses is what I love most about business.

But there are challenges along the way.

Great teams don't just happen.
Building teams is a combination of the right people with compatible mindsets and behaviors.
One of the questions I like to ask when interviewing is - have you ever been part of a winning team?
I ask it for a few reasons.

One - I want to learn about the person's exposure to working on a team.

And two - I want to know if they've ever tasted victory.

These two items provide a glimpse into a person's capability of being a team player.

Sure there's more to it than that.
And there are other questions that follow.
But the key thing is - exposure to continual teamwork.
Sometimes people are adopted into a team.
Sometimes they don’t fit for whatever reason.
Sometimes it's a push pull struggle to get things done.
Sometimes it's someone with a my way or the highway attitude.
And so things take longer. Planning is adjusted.

And you do your best to complete the current tasks at hand.

But it it's important to keep an eye looking forward.
Continually trying to build the dream team.
Because that's the only way to succeed.
Dream teams aren't born. They’re made.
If you're part of a team and you likely are - take a step back and observe your role on the team.
Are you contributing?
Are you moving the ball forward?
Are you helping others?
Are you pushing for the team’s success?
Or are you pushing for your own agenda?

Teams win together.
Don't be that guy.