Users Do The Darndest Things

Users Do The Darndest Things

Yesterday I received a phone call from a client. Apparently their receptionists phone was broken. Now they don’t operate in a normal manner where there is a receptionist that runs a switchboard. But needless to say it’s important for everyone in the office needs to have a working telephone. The issue was resolved in short order but the root cause left me a little puzzled.

Parallel Problem-Solving

Parallel Problem-Solving

Priority one is to get you back to work. One of the truths in the tech world is this… Not all problems can be resolved on the spot. Sometimes research is needed to determine the best way to resolve a problem. Enter parallel problem-solving. The first priority is always to get the person back to work as soon as possible. You can call this a Band-Aid, a temporary solution or a work around. Whatever you call it. The goal is to solve the first issue which is... Getting you back to work.

How Do You Deliver Tech Services Nationwide?

How Do You Deliver Tech Services Nationwide?

As ZZ Top likes to say… I’m going wide--nationwide. I met with a prospect yesterday setting up branch locations in different states. They are in the business of helping people and so they need offices in different markets. One of their requirements they are looking for is a company with presence in the markets they would like to open in. One would think that this would require working with a company that has a nationwide footprint. Someone with a company that has offices in every major market. But that doesn’t paint the entire picture.

So What Is This Single Sign On Thing All About?

So What Is This Single Sign On Thing All About?

I work with a handful clients that use single sign-on. What is single sign-on you ask? Single sign-on is an access control process where you the end-user uses a single user ID and password to access a multitude of apps and services. In other words... You just need 1 username and password to access all of your business apps wherever they are. Single sign-on also known as SSO can help your business in the following ways.

Annual Well Business Visit

This week I did my annual Well Man Visit.

It's my once a year check in with the doctor to see how I'm doing.

The doc checks my insides and my outsides.

He even runs a blood test to give him access to all kinds of data about my health.

Your business is a living breathing organism just like your body.

It needs an annual Well Business Check Up to.

Here's what to expect.

We’ll look at the inside and outside of your business.

We’ll make sure things are running smooth.

We’ll even draw some blood, so to speak, to give us a bunch more data about the health of the tech in your business.

My Well Man Visit went well and I'm in tip top shape.

Is your business at the corner of healthy and happy?

Need some help?

Shoot me an email.