Social Media Friends Just Aren't As Good As Real Friends

Social Media Friends Just Aren't As Good As Real Friends

Our social groups used to be just a few friends. There was that kid at school. And that neighbor kid down the street. As you grew up you made a few more friends. In college, while out and about, or at work. Add a friend here. Add a friend there. A close group of friends that supported you. And hopefully, your family was there for you too. But then social media came along and changed all of that. Social media changed the meaning of the word friend.

Social Eggs

There are a lot of tech options for social media. 

There are so many options on which to build your social media brand.

There's Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and even your own website. 

Within each one of these platforms there are multiple options that you can pursue.

Here's the thing.

It's not about the platform.

You can be successful across any of these platforms.

The key is to not just build in one place.

Thinking that things would be different if you only had a Facebook page for your business is a flawed thought.

The reality is that you need to have a good brand solid content to start with.

Then you create your content.
Then you distribute your content through multiple platforms.
Be it links back to your website or posting directly on the platform itself.

In the case of social media getting your tech right is not about which platform you choose.

It's about how you use each platform.

So let's not put all of our eggs in one social basket.

Spread them around.

Or better still…

Let your eggs hatch into little birds that take your business upward and onward!