Hurricane Proof Cell Phone

I'm sitting here reflecting one week after hurricane Irma.

What was originally forecast as a major threat to my little city of Hollywood Florida ended up being a little more-than-slight kick in the butt.

While we were fortunate to not get the full force of hurricane Irma - what we got was still pretty serious.

Trees were knocked down.
Power was lost.
Homes were damaged.
The power was out.

But the biggest inconvenience of all was no cell phones.

Mind you it wasn't all carriers.

AT&T was up.
Verizon was up.

Everyone else was down.


T-Mobile was down.
Sprint was down.
MetroPCS was down.
Virgin Mobile was down.

For me this was a lesson learned.

The carrier that I depended on for many years T-Mobile let me down.

As a matter fact T-Mobile let millions of people down.

Where were the battery back ups?
Where was the redundancy?

AT&T and Verizon had it - and you would've thought with all the commercials on TV everyone else would've had it.

But they didn't.

Carriers talk about coverage but they don't talk about redundancy.

It's little things like this or better said - it's big things like this that make a difference.

Our technology choices can affect us in many ways.

Choosing your cell phone provider on price is not always the best choice.

I'm switching cell providers.

Should you?

Well that's up to you to decide.

The reliability I had when living in California didn’t follow me to Florida.

I need a hurricane proof cell phone.

Your Phone Is Not For Phone Calls

The mobile phone has changed.

It’s no longer a simple tool for talking.

Nowadays the mobile phone is a communication device on steroids.

Needless to say, user preferences have adapted.

Ask your close friends, family, and even coworkers and they’ll say that the first thing they do in the morning is check their phone.

They’ll stand in line in the bitter cold for hours, even overnight, to be the first to get the newest iPhone.

They’ll risk getting a ticket so they can text and drive.

The minute the phone breaks, they’ll march right down their mobile carrier and get it replaced.

They can’t live without it.

The mobile phone is truly the lifeblood of our society nowadays.

So here’s what it means for your business.

Your cell phone is not solely for phone calls anymore.

Plus nobody wants to talk on the phone these days anyway.

People have gotten used to controlling their time.

Your mobile phone is now your email checker.

Your mobile phone is now your note taker.

Your mobile phone is now your camera

Your mobile phone is now your personal assistant.