AT&T SLA's Aren't Real

AT&T SLA's Aren't Real

The other day I was harping on why SLA aren’t valid. And why most of them don’t aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Last week I had a client had their AT&T internet service go down. We contacted AT&T right away and opened a service request. At that point AT&T is supposed to call you back within a certain time period. They did not.

How Fast Is Your Internet?

Is your Internet slow? Does the Internet seems slow on your brand-new MacBook Pro?

The term speed kills comes to mind.

At home I have a pretty decent Internet feed from my cable provider. I am able to stream movies make phone calls and have several devices in my home that can access the Internet. Suffice to say - My home is pretty enabled.  Nowadays it’s quite common to have better internet speeds at your home than at your business network.

There are 3 Key Ingredients you need to be a modern business.  Internet is one of them.

In my view a modern business should be running on either a high-speed cable connection or metro Ethernet connection. 

The days of T-1’s and DSL modem's are gone. Heck the T-1 was invented in 1962.  I wasn’t even born yet.  Sure carriers still sell T-1’s and DSL but that's only because they invested in that infrastructure years ago and still have it lying around. But that doesn't mean you should buy it. 

Nothing sucks more than being at home surfing the internet at blazing speeds and then going into work and struggling to download something or stream something or watch a video. It's a major buzz kill. 

When it comes to Internet my view is that you shouldn't cheap it out and that you shouldn't sell yourself short. Get what you need plus a little more.

For this last part you're going to think I'm a little crazy or heck maybe even a lot of crazy but if your office location is somewhere where you can’t get true high-speed Internet access my advice is to move.  Seriously.  Move.

The internet is a beautiful thing.  Enjoy it in all of its glory.