The 10 Commandments For Tech Guys

The 10 Commandments For Tech Guys

Intech we trust. One of the lessons I was taught when I was a young tech guy making my way up the corporate ladder was a tech code of ethics. The rules were basic back then. They boiled down to this. As a person working in the tech field, we are responsible for people’s information and technology. People trust us with their business information and technology. We are the guardians.

Keep Vendors Honest

One of the tech atrocities I see in South Florida is how much people pay for things.

It never ceases to surprise me how many people wildly overpay for tech solutions in their business.

In working with clients it's always an awkward moment when we discover these items.

It's kind of like you're going along and all of a sudden you step on a landmine.

Both the client and myself share that split second of WTF!

It's usually a little uncomfortable for the client when I discover one of these tech landmines in their business.

I don't want them to feel bad.

Both of us know at that point that they've been cheated.

I've seen these abuses range in the tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It's really shameful what some of these vendors do to small business America.

Some vendors have a real knack for taking advantage of people.
Many vendors practice Opportunistic IT.

On the flip side - I see a lot of people who are jumping over to Google or Amazon and price checking vendors nowadays which is a good thing.

But what do you do with items like Internet, phone service, or accounting/ERP solutions?
Basically big ticket items where the product is not commoditized and easily priced checked?

Here are a couple of tips for you.

Always get more than one bid.
Always asked for an itemized quote.
Always ask the vendor to separate labor from product if they’re bundling.

If you feel any doubt at all - hit the pause button and make that vendor wait.

Remember it’s your business
Remember you’re in control

If your Spidey sense goes off.
Don’t ignore it.

Help keep vendors honest.