Startup Tech

It's really exciting to work with startups that have gone from proof of concept to a viable business.

It's also great to see how modern tech specifically how cloud tech has enabled businesses to just DIY their tech and go.

Recently I've been meeting with a couple of companies that use Gmail and Dropbox.

They’ve built some really great businesses using a very seat of your pants approach. Heck, it's working.

When your business hits its first inflection point of staff and tools is typically when I get involved. 

The process goes something like this…

We have a discussion.
I learn your business model and tool set
And then help chart a course to help you move forward.
Your business accelerates and grows.

Doing the best you can with what you know and using the cloud is a beautiful thing.

It's exactly what should be happening.

This is what is revolutionizing the startup world and enabling small businesses to grow and thrive.

So don't stop.
Keep doing what you're doing.

Just know that at some point you will have an inflection point and you'll need some help.

When you get there.  I’m here.