Are You Helping Or Hindering

Are You Helping Or Hindering


We’re all well-intentioned folks. We want to get things done. So much so that sometimes we push a little harder than we should. You see a co-worker or staff member that needs some help and quickly jump in. We offer advice. We offer our experience. Given the chance, some of us will even tell them exactly how to accomplish the task. But here’s the question. Are you helping or hindering?

The Evil Side Of Verbal Communication

The Evil Side Of Verbal Communication


Ever worked with someone who doesn’t write stuff down? How about a boss or co-worker who only communicates verbally. Sometimes it’s because they’re functionally illiterate. Other times it’s more sinister. It’s a power move. Verbal players as I like to call them are experts in the art of self protection. They appear as outgoing verbal leaders when in fact their typically toxic to your business.

Every Team Needs A Coach

Every Team Needs A Coach


Teams. Roles. Both important things when you’re trying to grow your business. Every team needs a coach. I was talking with a friend the other day about teams. He loves the concept of autonomous teams. Teams where everyone is pumping at full steam. But what happens when teams struggle? What happens if your team loses a few games? What happens when your team is in a slump?

Your Culture Matches Your Tech

Your Culture Matches Your Tech

Does a company’s culture match their tech? I think so. If your company is generally disorganized. Chances are your tech will also be—out of sorts. By the same token. If your company has a lot of rules and policies then more than likely… Will have tech with all sorts of intricacies with your tech, that may or may not need to be there. Chaos begets chaos. Calm begets calm.

Just Tell Me What You Want Me To Do

Just tell me what you want me to do.

It’s the most disheartening phrase any person can tell you.

To me this means…

I give up.
I have no input.
And worst of all I don't care.

As a leader, if you hear these words you're in trouble.

You're doing something wrong.

Now there are certain times when this phrase is totally acceptable but that's not what I'm talking about.

It's that frustrated person on your staff.
It's that person that feels like they have no control over anything.
It's that person who has given up.
Very likely it's a person you have given up on as well.

All-around this is it this isn’t a good situation.

In the tech world the attitude of just tell me what to do is very common.

It's like a virus that spreads quickly.

You see this in candidates when they apply.

You see it in their attitude and lack of enthusiasm towards obtaining a new role.

At times you may even see this with your staff when they’re disengaged and feeling like outsiders.

When you see this behavior it's important to focus on yourself - and focus on the individual.

Find out where the disconnect is.

Work to see if the situation is salvageable.

The change needed may very well be you and your behavior.

So be honest with yourself and make that change.


I like to work at a happy place.
A place where everyone gets along.
A place where everyone participates.

Creating and sustaining a positive work environment goes along way towards building and maintaining a healthy culture.

One where the phrase just tell me what to do is not the norm.