The Religion Of Business

The Religion Of Business

Years back a good friend of mine made a comment. He said that business management theory and training had surpassed religion in its ability to help man. It was an interesting comment and I’ve thought about it since then. I was reminded of my friends comment over the last few business conferences I’ve attended. At one conference they went around the room as each business owner shared what he was doing as a human being to help his family and his community.

Pizza By The Slice

Pizza by the slice is the greatest thing.

Slice of cheese? You got it.

Need to slice of Pepperoni? You got it.

Slice of veggie? You got it.

Buying tech services by the slice?

Well, this idea is not so hot.

When it comes to the tech in your business you need a holistic approach.

You need a company that's looking at all the pieces.

Lifecycle, Roadmap and Community.

So enjoy your pizza by the slice.

But when you're in the market for IT services get the whole pie.