Bill Gates And Innovation

I recently watched an interview of Bill Gates on MSNBC regarding his 1 billion dollar fund for creating clean energy.

I think he must've said the word innovation like 100 times.

Maybe I should go back and count.

But seriously, he made a really good point.

He believes that innovation will change our world.

I believe he's right.

Our future will be defined by our ability to innovate and find new ways to do things.

It's the same with your business.

Innovation will drive growth.
Innovation will drive your culture.

It's those people who continue to push forward and try new things, not for the sake of just doing something new - but for the sake of making things better that change the world in small and large ways.

The tech in your business is no different.

If you continue to push forward and grow it will change your business and your company for the better.

The innovators are the leaders.

Bill Gates is trying to sign solve a global issue.

As a business leader you may not be called upon to solve a global issue or feel chosen to solve and earth sized problem.

But you can make your business better for yourself and for those that work with you.

It was a good interview and worth the watch.

Check it out.