Arm Wrestling A Mac

Arm Wrestling A Mac

Every so often something can’t get fixed. It lands on my lap. The other day I was asked to help with a new Mac. We had recently set up a new Mac for a client. And it was not behaving. It was slow starting up. And the Mac was what we like to call—throwing errors. To add another wrinkle this new Mac was also running the latest version of MacOS Mojave. So I gathered the team together and we spent some time running through of the Mac.

Apple's WWDC, Personal Assistants, and Us

Apple's WWDC, Personal Assistants, and Us

I was watching Apples the WWDC 2018 event the other day. Like many people I just wanted to see what the latest and greatest coming out of Cupertino. I was impressed by some of the features in iOS and macOS and underwhelmed by others. As primarily a Microsoft Windows user I was stunned at some of the features just being added now to macOS. But I digress.

Life After iPad

I never knew what life would be like after my iPad.

Had I know before what I was missing perhaps I would’ve made the choice sooner.

The funny thing is — I already knew.

What started out as a cool new gadget quickly became a daily addiction.

Lost minutes turned to hours per day lost in iPad land.

So I let it go.

I’ve been living without my iPad for over a month now.

It all started with me looking for a way to remove a device or two from my life.

Going sans iPad seemed to make sense.

So I bought an iPhone 8 Plus and sold my iPad.

Things were a little kludgy at first but eventually I transitioned all of my daily
tasks onto my iPhone.

Don’t get me wrong an iPad is a beautiful piece of technology.

Another driver for me was that I recently made the transition back to a laptop after 6 years without one and the iPad was my jealous lover.

Will I ever go back?

I don’t know.

Technology is changing all the time and there may still be a reason to go back.

Those were some good times.

So yeah, is there life after iPad?

There is.

I actually got a lot of time back in my life.

I’ve gotten at least an hour or two back in my life just by living iPad free.

Is it time for you to get rid of your iPad?

I don’t know.

That’s really up to you.

As for me — I’m free

We Do Mac

I've had the good fortune of working with Macs for a very long time.

And in that time it's been my experience, that Macs typically require much less support than PCs.

Until now.

Not to say that Macs require the same amount of proactive work as PCs but they do need a fair amount of care and feeding.

I can say for sure that there is more need for Mac management and maintenance nowadays than there has been in the past.

To help better manage the Mac’s our clients use I've been rolling out a new Mac management platform called Addigy.

Along the way we’re seeing areas where we can improve our Mac management efforts that we currently do today.

More to come on this as I learn more.

And as always, as I learn more I'll share more.

For now let's just say that the Macs we manage could use a little more help.

And they’re getting it.

Macs are computers.

Don't be fooled into thinking that they’ll just take care of themselves.

Even Macs need help to keep them running smoothly.