Explaining The Unexplainable


Sometimes, the work I do with clients is just beyond words.

And when it comes to tech…

This can be a challenge.


When meeting with clients sometimes they think I’m selling them something when I’m just trying to help.

People are so used to being sold something that having an actual conversation can be difficult at times.

I was meeting with a client last week reviewing a recent tech assessment I did for them.

As we reviewed each item I pointed out ways they could improve their tech environment.

We had a good conversation.

And then we got to the end.

You know, the part where the client inevitably asks…

How much does this cost?

And then everything we talked was out the window.


Getting the tech right in your business is about making good decisions.

It’s about moving in the right direction.

Sure, it’s also about spending money sometimes.

But not always.

I understand that people want you to tell them what's broken and how to fix it, and how much it costs.

But when how much it costs becomes the decision point.

You’re looking at things in the wrong light.

The process of getting your tech right starts with a commitment to improving.

Followed by learning and understanding the options before you.

Once you’ve understood those options the timeline to implementation is in your hands.


For me, I just want businesses to make good decisions around the tech in their business.

To help, I provide information and recommendations.

That’s the gist of Get Your Tech Right.

Helping business owners to learn how to think and act with the tech in their business.

Price should not be the number one driver behind your tech decisions.

The number one driver should be results.

Results in reliability, recoverability, security, and productivity.

If you can get your head around that.

We’re headed in the right direction.