Facebook Inc = FBI


I read an article the other day that struck a chord.

In it the author said…

Meanwhile Facebook, like Amazon, either copies or buys out its competition, now owning the four most popular apps in the world — including Instagram and WhatsApp. These apps count 1/3 of the world’s populations as users who willingly share their data creating the world’s most effective and comprehensive surveillance apparatus — unmatched by any government agency.

It got me thinking.

How many data points does Facebook have on us?

I would think—quite a lot.

And when you compare that to what the FBI has on us.

It’s easy to see…

Facebook is an incredible surveillance apparatus.

It’s difficult to know exactly how much data Facebook collects since they are purposefully vague about it.

But from what I can figure out...


  1. Your name

  2. Your birthday

  3. Your age

  4. Your gender

  5. Where you were born

  6. What city you live in

  7. Who your relatives are

  8. Who you’re in a relationship with

  9. Who your friends are

  10. Your level of education

  11. Where you went to school

  12. What language you speak

  13. Your general income level

  14. Your life events

  15. What type of car you drive

  16. What bank you use

  17. What shows you watch on TV

  18. The radio stations you listen to

  19. Where you go

  20. What events you’ve attended

  21. What Facebook Groups you belong to

  22. Where you work

  23. Your cell phone number

  24. What brand of cell phone you use

  25. All of the contacts in your phone

  26. Your call history

  27. Your calendar

  28. Every message you’ve sent or received

  29. A list of all of the applications you have connected to your login

  30. Access to your webcam on your mobile phone, computer, and devices

  31. Access to the microphone on your mobile phone, computer, and devices

  32. The files you download

  33. The games you play

  34. Your photos

  35. Your music

  36. Your web browsing history

  37. What type of advertising works on you

  38. What your political stance is

  39. What you clicked “Like” on

  40. What sports teams you like

  41. What reviews you’ve written

  42. What you do on Instagram

  43. What you do on WhatsApp

  44. Your Posts

  45. Your Comments

  46. Your Facebook Payment history

Now, I’m sure there are several more things that Facebook knows about us.

Just digging a little deeper on just the items listed above would reveal more data points that we freely give to Facebook.

Now I don’t think when Facebook started that they thought they’d be more powerful than the FBI.

It just kind of happened.


All this data collected about us on a single platform.

I tend to think that we’re okay with giving our information out.

This issue here is that—We didn’t think our information would be used against us.

But it is.

And it was.

And so we have to decide if we’re okay with that.

As for me, I understand that my data points can help frame the things I see online.

And most of the time that’s fine.

But when I get pushed or offered something that I don’t want, I quickly say no thank you.

For example. if my feeds become filled with politics and arguments I’ll disengage.

It click nope, I’m not interested.

I don’t like it when Facebook gets ugly.

It’s not what I logged in for.


I think so.

But I’m not here to propose a solution.

At least not just yet.

And that’s because there are other entities that collect data on us as well.

Google, Amazon, your bank, your credit card company, the credit bureau, and the government.

Just to name a few.

And we give our information to them just as willingly.

Facebook isn’t the problem.

We are.

And until we figure ourselves out.

We’ll remain slaves in cyberspace.