@ Mentions In Microsoft Outlook for Mobile


Last week Microsoft Office 365 released a simple feature for the Outlook Mobile App via a quick 50-second video.


The @mentions feature works in both the Microsoft Outlook Mobile app as well as the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft actually rolled out @mentions for the desktop version of Outlook a few years ago.

But anyhoo...

The @mention feature gives you a quick way to visually see or add a person to your email conversation thread.

Will people use it?

I don’t know.

If you’re a Microsoft Teams user there’s a good chance you’ll like and use this feature.

For the non-Teams people out there I’ll go with a maybe.

As for me…

I’m trying it out this week to see how it fits into my workflow.

Microsoft Office 365 is releasing new features and functionality on a regular basis.

It’s fun keeping up with the new.

It’s what I do.

Have a great weekend!