You Don't Need Everyone's Password


Something I see quite a lot of in small business is the practice of keeping a list of everyone’s password.

Typically it’s an Excel workbook or Google sheet with everyone’s name, email address, and password.

So why would some do this you ask?


They do this so in case someone is out for the day they can log in as them and handle their tasks.

It’s part of being a small business.

They’ve got to keep things moving to get paid.

But with great power comes great irresponsibility.


As a small business, you could make the case that everyone has a complex password and so having everyone’s password isn’t an issue.

Or you could make the case that you change the passwords every 90 days and so once again, this isn’t a problem.

But the fact is this.

It is a problem.

It’s a real security risk to keep all of your employee passwords.

There are liabilities galore.

There’s authorized access to personal information.

Possible harassment issues.



Just to name a few.


Providing proper access to information is easier than you think.

There are solutions out there.

Take email access as an example.

Both Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite have a feature known as delegation.

This is where you are granted access to an employee’s inbox so that you can read and respond to messages.

And there are other options as well.

All it takes is a little tech think.

Being safe in your business is important.

With a few tech tweaks here and there.

You can protect your business from all sorts of issues.

Need some help getting off of worksheets with passwords?

As your friendly neighborhood technologist.