Do You Have A Login To Your Web Site?


Your web site is your property.

It’s your business place in cyberspace.

Having access and control over what’s yours makes sense, doesn’t it?

But not everyone has access and control to what’s theirs.

The number of small businesses that don’t have basic information on their own web site is staggering.

I see this all of the time.

Most small businesses don’t know where their web site is hosted.

Most small businesses don’t know the password to access their web site backend.

Many small businesses don’t even know what’s on their web site.

It’s a sad state for what is considered to be your businesses window to the world.


I was helping a new client gain access to their web site the other day.

I inquired about their web site information and they responded with—we don’t have it.

I scratched my head.

You don’t have it?

Come to find out they’ve never had access to their web site.

They shared a story of how they paid some company to set up their web site.

And then that person disappeared.

The client has no idea where the web site is hosted.

How to get access to it.

Or how the bill gets paid.

Just another day in the life of a technologist.

Fortunately, they had access to their domain name hosting company and from there I was able to figure things out.

But that doesn’t make the situation better.

It just highlights an issue with this businesses tech.

And that’s the issue of not knowing.


So what do I mean by control your website?

You should have full access and control over the website hosting platform.

So if you host on WPEngine for example.

You should have the master login information to the web hosting platform.

The master login should point to your email.

Or to a group email you have access to.

You should know how to set up the payment information.

You should have the administrator login and password to the WordPress site itself.

You should understand how it is generally set up.


You should be able to make an edit to your web site if needed.


The following are 4 reasons why should have access and control over your web site and any associated services and tools.


Your web site should be yours.

I’m sure there’s some web design company out there that has ownership of your web site in their contract and if that’s the case…

Leave now.

Just like your home is your home.

Your business is your business.

Your web site is your business property.


Having control means having the option to move your web site if you want to.

This also means having the ability to change agencies should you want to.

Portability is important and often overlooked.


There are services and tools like Google Analytics, advertising, web site plug-ins, and CRM apps that may be integrated with your web site.

By having access and control of these items you’ll gain exposure and experience to the various services and tools that make up your web presence.

If your small business is using the web or wants to improve your online presence, having access and control is a start.

The education, experience, and exposure will come with time.


If you run sales for your organization you should know your web site.

Even if you choose to use your web site as just a basic brochure of your business.

You should still have full access and control over your web property.

If your business is actively marketing on the web and using your web site as a source of leads, having full access and control over the tools and services you use is critical.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m not saying you have to be an expert when it comes to all things web.

But you should have access to your stuff.

After all…

It is your stuff.

And if you don’t have access to it…

Who does?