It's Not Just About Tech Support Anymore


I was catching up with FORTUNE Brainstorm Tech 2019 Conference and it triggered a few thoughts on the importance of having a framework.

As small businesses, we tend to think short term.

This applies to all areas of our business—including our tech.

But as the world gets more tech-savvy.

And things get more out of control globally.

Problems arise.

The amount of cyber-attacks on small businesses continues to grow each year.

And small businesses need help.


As small businesses face more and more challenges with the tech in their business.

The role of a tech service provider or IT Company must evolve.

It’s not just about providing support anymore.

But how do you get the message out to small businesses?

How do you get business owners to understand that they need a better tech framework?

That they need better tech design?

Unfortunately, most small business owners won’t do anything until a cyber-attack hits their business.

And then, in a moment of frustration, they’ll blame their tech provider.


Managed Security has been the topic of choice for tech providers for the last 3 years.

Security, security, security.

Some providers have moved to quickly monetize and sell services based on fear.

But that’s not a solution.

In fact, it’s a bad idea.

I say that because it doesn’t address the problem at the core.

And the core is your framework.

How your environment is designed, managed, monitored and maintained.


I believe that tech providers need to pivot.

That they need to move away from the standard support model and raise the bar—by providing deeper value to the businesses they support.

This is a very doable thing.

It just takes some planning and preparation on their part.

Tech providers need to move away from the classic support model of—wait until the phone rings.

To a new model.

Something like…

When you hire us, we’ll implement a framework that will keep your business safe and allow you to grow.

Support becomes secondary.

Sure support is important and it needs to be timely.

But if the framework isn’t there.

Your business will fall.

Maybe not today.

But it’s coming.

Building your tech environment on a good framework is key.

Think about it.

Ask your local friendly technologist about it.

Let’s start the dialogue.