SAQ - How To Interview A Tech Provider


When looking for a new tech provider for your business it’s important to ask the right questions.

All questions can be good questions.

Sometimes we’re afraid to ask certain questions.

But not asking the right questions, or asking enough questions, can result in a poor decision.


The following are the 5 should ask questions when interviewing a tech provider.

1 - How many people do you have?

Size matters.

Some small companies are nimble.

Some are slow.

Some big companies have a good process.

Others just don’t care.

Understanding the companies size is important.

2 - What ticket system do you use?

Some tech providers have a ticket system and some don’t.

If a tech provider says they just use email, it’s a sign that they probably don’t have the experience you need.

3 - Can I visit your office?

If they say no.

Run away.

Any tech provider should welcome you into their place of business.

You should be able to see the activity and meet some of the staff that you will be interacting with.

Remember, you’re hiring a team.

Just like hiring someone for your staff.

You want to get to know them before you make an offer.

4 - Can you provide me with a reference?

Ask for a reference.

This is a good test to see if they can first, provide a reference.

And second, get another person’s opinion on the tech provider.

5 - Do you create Lifecycle Replacement Plans for your clients?

If the provider gives you a puzzled look.

They don’t provide them.

A life cycle replacement plan is a schedule of your tech equipment and when it needs to be replaced.

It’s important to have one.


There are obviously more than 5 questions you would ask when looking for a new tech provider.

You also want to feel comfortable with the people you meet with.

Outsourcing the tech in your business is a big deal.

With the right provider, you grow financially.

With the wrong provider, you grow frustrated.

Remember all questions are good questions.

Get to know people and providers before making a decision.