New Client Tuesdays


Last week we brought on a new client.

They’re a growing small business with 10 employees.

They have 1 server, 10 computers, and some printers.

They became a victim of what we call a dump and run.


Unfortunately, in the tech world, just like in the real world, break-ups can be rough.

In this clients case, the tech provider came and removed their rented equipment as soon as they were informed they were being released.

This put the new client in a bind since they were expecting a smooth transition period.

We quickly jumped into action and got things put back together.

Break-ups don’t need to be difficult.

But it happens.

A smooth transition benefits all parties.

The client is happy.

The former tech provider leaves on a positive note.

The new provider is able to onboard the client smoothly.


Once we made it through the emergency we were able to begin our onboarding process.

We performed our instrument, document, observe, process.

And we were off and away provide support to the business.

There are still a few smaller casualties to address from the dump and run.

But nothing that’s not fixable.

Over the next few week’s we’ll design their new tech environment.

We’ll create their core tech documentation, a tech roadmap, and a life cycle replacement plan.


It can be a challenge to transition from one tech provider to another.

In this clients case, it created a small crisis that was quickly resolved.

Some transitions are smooth.

Some a little rough.

In the end, the business moved on.

They chose to change over poor service.

They chose to change in order to grow.