The Paper Jam


Have you ever come in early in the morning to print something out for an important meeting and your printer doesn’t work?

It happens.

You get busy the day before and so you think to yourself…

I’ll just come in early and print real quick before the meeting.

In a perfect world.

It’s a perfect plan.

Unfortunately, things aren’t always perfect.

For example…

You come in, go to your desk, and hit print.

You wait for the printer to warm up.

And then you wait some more.

And then all of a sudden the printer says it has a paper tray error.


You pull the paper trays out.

Make sure it has the right paper in all the trays.

And then you wait for the printer to warm up again.

Then the printer begins processing your print job.

The first sheet of paper begins to come out and then.

Dun, dun, dun.

Paper jam!

Are you frickin’ kidding me right now?

So you clear the paper jam.

Realize you’ve wasted 20 minutes.

And are no further ahead then when you came into the office.

The printer warms up again.

And once again.

Paper jam.

So you call your IT Company and tell them your story.

They ask if you can print to another printer.

You say you can but this printer is color and you need this proposal document to be in color.

The technician can’t fix the issue remotely and recommends you print to the black and white printer in your office.

Meanwhile, the technician requests a dispatch from your printer vendor.

Your morning now officially sucks.

No amount of coffee will make it better.

You go to your meet with a black and white proposal.

You do a little apologizing and tap dancing.

And you win the deal!

Your color printer gets fixed and life moves on.

The lesson learned.

When you can…

Always print the day before.