Testing My Tech Recall @ 4:00 AM


This morning I received an after-hours tech support request.

I don’t usually get after hours calls.

But this morning I did.

It’s the first one this year.

So I guess that’s a good thing.

A client, who happens to be in another country, had a server go down.

It’s interesting how your memory works at 4 AM

After years and years of being in the tech world, my brain still goes right into troubleshooting mode when needed.

I guess I’m lucky.

Working with the tech that called me we were able to get things back up and running fairly quickly.

When an environment is built with redundancy it’s easier to get things going quickly.

A quick flip of the switch and the client was back up and running.

In the tech world, you need to be fast on your feet

You need to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.

But most important of all…

You need to design environments that are resilient or at least able to come back online quickly.

I ended up not going back to sleep and started the day at what is kindly referred to as…

The butt crack of dawn.