The Evil Side Of Verbal Communication


Ever worked with someone who doesn’t write stuff down?

How about a boss or co-worker who only communicates verbally.?

Sometimes it’s because their functionally illiterate.

Other times it’s more sinister.

It’s a power move.

Verbal players, as I like to call them, are experts in the art of self-protection

They appear as outgoing verbal leaders when in fact they’re toxic to your business.

In my career, I’ve worked with some super awesome people.

And I’ve also worked with some shady characters.

Fortunately, I’ve kept the shady characters to a minimum.

Still, now and again, they pop up.

So who are these guys?

You know…

That guy who calls you all of the time.

Asks you for something.

Only to take credit for the task later on.

Or to distance him or herself from the task you helped them with.

It’s also that guy who asks you for stuff in person.

When no one is around.

These verbal communicators can be tough to deal with.

Inserting speed bumps into your daily flow.

The question is this…

How do you deal with these verbal players?

Here are some thoughts on how to navigate the waters.

Ask them to ask you in writing

Asking for a written request is a good first step.

More often than not, they won’t do it.

Typically, they’ll keep asking in different ways.

Hoping you’ll give in.

Whatever you do.

Don’t give in.

Document all conversations via email

If you publish a weekly status report add their asks to broadcast what you did for them.

If you do say yes to a task, quickly follow it up with an email to document the ask.

Document, document, document.

No documentation.

No proof.

Bring it up to your boss

This should go for any toxic person in your office.

When someone is on your team and you verifiably know they’re a problem.

Bring it up.

If they’re your boss, bring it up to their boss.

Or just find a new job.

Verbal communicators are masters of defending their jobs.

So the sooner you get started.

The sooner they’ll be gone.

It’s an unfortunate thing when a verbal communicator infiltrates your company.

Speak Up

Unfortunately, these verbal players still exist in this modern age.

They hide between the cracks of technology.

And they survive in the workplace.

If you have a verbal player in your office do your best to not fall prey to their tactics.

The best players are team players.

Help make your office a better place.