Is Your Tech Vulnerable?


Last week I was brought in to do a security assessment for a small business.

Their email had been compromised and they were concerned about their vulnerability and the possibility of a compromise happening again.

Fear was everywhere.

When your tech environment is compromised it can leave people feeling vulnerable.

As I reviewed the environment I learned a few things

Whoever set up this tech environment had followed the rules.


At least most of them.

There were decisions made.

There some were bad decisions made.

And in certain cases…

There were no decisions made.

It Comes Back To Design

You see, when designing and building a tech environment, in the cloud or on-premise, it’s important to start right.

Having the right mix of education, experience and exposure can make all the difference.

Throughout the review, I found a handful of choices or un-choices that may have contributed to the email compromise.

Could the incident have been avoided?

Likely not.

But it’s likelihood could have been reduced.

As a matter of fact, with a few wise choices, it could have been reduced significantly.

More and more I’m finding that configuration and design choices made when designing a tech environment can really impact the overall health of a tech environment.

Add to that, the choices made when operating a tech environment, and you can see how education, experience, and exposure plays a critical role in managing the tech in your business.

I’ll be delivering the security assessment this week.

It contains some recommendations to improve the tech in this business.

With a few adjustments, in some key areas, this business should be well on their way to a more secure and productive tech environment.

Be safe.