The First Step To Getting Your Tech Right


This week I had the opportunity to meet with a client to review their tech environment.

To frame this up.

This client has 5 computers and a handful of employees.

They’ve been running on computers and printers from Best Buy and few tech additions.

But it’s not enough.

They’ve been experiencing some growing pains and certain things just aren’t working for them.

Their email system is a mess.

Their internet speed is slow.

Their phone system sucks.

And this is just the start.

I was brought in to help review where they’re at and provide a basic tech roadmap

I reviewed the environment.

Their tech, apps, and services.

And then came up with a basic road map for them.

When we met they caught the vision.

And they wanted to move forward.

So we worked on prioritizing their tech spend.

Their outsourced CFO is even coming up with some financing options to help.

The roadmap is basic

Upgrade email and apps to Microsoft Office 365

Upgrade their internet connections

Move to a cloud-based phone system

And hire an IT company to provide care and feeding.

This client is at the beginning point of getting their tech right

They’re open to change.

They want to improve.

It’s a winning combination.

Desire and willingness to change.

Welcome to the world of…

Get Your Tech Right