The Top 5 Tech Support Requests


A day in the life of a tech support person is filled with adventure.

They get to fix things.

They get to troubleshoot things.

They scratch their head at puzzling problems.

They get to help people.

At the end of the day, tech support is about people helping people

A tech support person’s core purpose is this.

Helping people get back to work.

On an average day, a tech support person will get all sorts of calls and emails for support.

The following are the top 5 requests that my tech support team gets on a regular basis

I can’t print

Common troubleshooting for this request are the following questions.

Is the printer on?

Is there paper in the printer?

Depending on what app is trying to print there are a handful of things the team does to resolve this request.

I can’t get my email

This request can mean many things.

It all depends on the device, where email is being accessed from or how it is being accessed.

Once the problem is isolated the tech support person may need to resolve the problem on the email service, your email app or the device your accessing email on.

I can’t get to the internet

This request is code for something is not working.

Although it usually comes in as “the internet is down”.

99 times out of 100 the internet is not down.

If it was, we’d know that already, since we monitor our client’s internet connections.

When the team gets this request they’ll need to walk through a short series of troubleshooting steps to figure out the actual issue.

I forgot my password

One would think that most people know their password.

But the secret is now out.

People forgetting their password is a very common ask.

But it’s okay.

We promise we won’t tell.

My computer is slow

Last but not least is the venerable “my computer is slow”.

Now there are a number of things that can contribute to slowness.

It might not even be the computer.

A tech support person once again runs through a series of troubleshooting questions and steps to help identify and resolve the issue.

So there they are

The top 5.

Sure the tech support team gets other regular requests.

Requests such as adding and removing users.

Remote access and VPN questions.

And many more.

But the top 5 is the top 5.

What’s your top tech support issue?