The Future Of Small Business Tech


Spoiler alert.

The future of small business tech is still…


I was in a conversation the other day and someone asked the question.

Where do you see Tech in the next 8 to 10 years?

My answer, as usual, was—cloud.

If you’ve followed my articles for any stretch of time you’ll know that I’m a big proponent of the cloud.

Ever since the inception of the internet I’ve been preaching cloud.

Through the years of Application Service Providers (ASP’s).

And through the years of Software as a Service (SaaS).

I’ve been all cloud all time.

So what does the future of small business tech hold in store?

Yep, you guessed it.

More cloud.

At this point in time, the need for a server in your office is pretty much a moot point

Literally, anything and everything your business needs to build a reliable tech environment can be had through some form of a cloud service.

Email - in the cloud.

File Storage - in the cloud.

File Sharing - in the cloud.

Phone System - in the cloud.

Line of Business app - in the cloud.

Yep, it’s all cloud all time.

A quick plug on designing tech environments

The key to having a solid tech environment is to design it properly.

Just this past week I reviewed 2 tech environments that were designed wrong.

Sure they were built in the cloud.

But they were done by someone who lacked the education, experience and exposure needed to do it right the first time.

And so now, we’ll be unfutzing the futz.

By choosing the right mix of apps and services your small business can grow by leaps and bounds.

Add that to great tech design and you have a winning combination.

All it takes is an open mind and the willingness to move forward.

Where is the future of tech headed?

You know the answer now.

It’s cloud.