The Tech Firefighters


Fires all go out eventually.

~Author Unknown

If there’s one thing that techs love—it’s saving the day.

Small-sized problems.

Medium-sized problems.

They love solving problems.

But if you want to see a technology person get super excited.

Give them a really big problem.


In the past, I’ve worked with techs that thrive on chaos.

Tech’s who laugh in the face of danger.

Tech’s who were brought up in the business by undisciplined supervisors.

And so, while firefighting on the fly is a great skill to have.

The reality of it is this.

A problem avoided is better than a technical rescue mission any day of the week.

Having a Plan

Being a good tech firefighter is not a bad skill to have.

It’s actually a great skill to have.

But when that becomes your go-to move.

It creates an environment of chaos for the people you work with.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

When it comes to tech work slow and steady wins the race.

Those who take their time to plan in advance, minimize downtime, and avoid emergencies, are the people you want on your team.

Be it in-house or outsourced.

Working with people who are calm under crisis.

Who write plans in advance.

And who follow those plans.

Will help your business to be more productive and successful.

It’s a simple desire

But for some reason some businesses like the drama.

They like the fires.

And so here come…

The tech firefighters.