The Target Glitch


Last week Target registers all across the country were down for a few hours.

During the outage, the Twittersphere came alive with several hashtags like #TargetDown, #Targetgeddon, and others.

It was interesting to watch.

The news outlets jumped on the opportunity to spread fear and doubt into the minds of America.

Did Target just get hacked?

The Target IT department did their best to get things back online as soon as possible.

But here’s the thing.

At the end of the outage, all America was given as a reason for the outage was this…

There was a glitch.

There was an internal system error.

Millions of dollars lost.

Frustrated customers leaving their abandoned shopping carts in stores across America.

And all we got was “there was a glitch”


There was an outage.

Outages happen.

I get that.

I work in the tech field.

It’s a given that an outage will happen eventually.

But when it comes to providing a reason for an outage.

People expect a little more.

Heck, my customers expect a lot more.

I just find it odd that Target can get away with “a glitch” as a reason for an outage.

So I checked online a few days later and still nothing.

No reason for the outage.

No ownership of the issue.

Everything was just swept under the rug.

What’s crazy is that everyone is okay with that.

Maybe the new normal is to do nothing?

To say nothing.

And move on.

It would seem like nobody cares.

Target eventually published a slightly improved reason for the outage citing an issue with some tech maintenance work that they were doing.

Still, it’s interesting that all registers had an issue.

Apparently, the Target register network is not resilient to outages.

And that’s an issue.

A design flaw that should likely be looked at.

Oh well.

We’ll likely never know what happened.

At least not the whole truth.

Welcome to the new normal in tech.

For me, it still think it’s best to let people know what happened.

To own the issue.

And to put measures in to reduce the likelihood of failure in the future.