Another Set Of Eyeballs


Sometimes when a problem is tough.

Having another set of eyeballs really helps.

Heck, sometimes when a problem is simple.

Having another set of eyeballs really helps.

As someone who is regularly called in to help solve problems—I’ve built some skills.

And one of those skills is in sourcing eyeballs.

Or more specifically, sourcing solutions.

Tech people are amongst the most stubborn of problem solvers

They’re dogmatic.

They’re ego driven.

They’re cagey.

It can be a tough crowd.

But not all tech people are like that.

There are good ones

Or at least the ones I like the more.

They’re my lifelines.

They are the ones that deliver.

They deliver solutions with kindness.

They deliver solutions with grace.

They deliver solutions in such a way that everyone appreciates the experience.

When I need another set of eyeballs on a problem.

Those are the eyeballs I call for help.

Do you have another set of eyeballs?