Social Media Friends Just Aren't As Good As Real Friends


Our social groups used to be just a few friends.

There was that kid at school.

And that neighbor kid down the street.

As you grew up you made a few more friends.

In college, while out and about, or at work.

Add a friend here.

Add a friend there.

A close group of friends that supported you.

And hopefully, your family was there for you too.

But then social media came along and changed all of that.

Social media changed the meaning of the word friend.

Actually, it changed more than that.

I have thousands of connections, friends, and followers online.

How many do I talk to regularly?

Let’s just say it’s close to none.

Who do I talk to?

My real-life friends and family.


Don’t get me wrong.

I like social media.

But it’s created a bunch of lonely people.

People who don’t know how to have real friends.

Look at people’s posts.

Look at their memes.

If you look at them through the lens of “this person is lonely”

How does that change the message they’re putting out?

Can you see what’s happening to us?

You used to have just a few friends.

And now you have lots of virtual friends online.

And what does that leave you with?


Why pick up the phone and call your friend when you can just text him/her?

Why text your friend when you can just post online?

They’ll know what’s up right?

The reality is this...

They won’t.


A few weeks ago my wife’s uncle had a heart attack.

Someone quickly threw up a family group chat to keep everyone up to date.

No phone calls.

No bonding together.

Just a group chat.

Sure a few people went to the hospital.

Sure a few people got involved.

But the majority of the family was reading through a group chat.

It was nuts.

If I have a heart attack and my family pops up a group chat I’d be like WTF?

Pick up the damn phone and call the key people.

Let them know what’s going on.

When my dad had a heart attack years back we pulled the family together and went through the challenge together.

No group chats.

No Facetime.

Just people helping people get through a tough time.

Sure we were all technology adept.

But family is family.

And friends are friends.

When life challenges hit us.

We need support.

So that was a bit of a tangent.


But the point is this.

People online are lonely.

They’re projecting all sorts of things.

They’re sending out beacons for support.

But they’re doing it in the easiest and most passive way.


Post and done.

Post and done.

Post and done.

It’s the lazy man's approach to life.

We need to step up.

It takes work to make and have friends.

Heck, it takes work to have family relationships.

But the work pays off big time.

It pays off in happiness.

It pays off in you being content.

And it pays off in you being loved.

So look take a look at your close friends.

Are you investing the time needed to keep those relationships in good health?

If not, you may want to spend a little less time online posting.

And a little more time at home hosting.

Real friends require real work.

And it’s worth it.

Nuff said.