Why Post-it Notes Are Banned From My Workspace


The other day someone handed me a Post-it Note.

I thought nothing of it.

So I stuck it next to my mouse pad.

It had some information I needed for later.

The next day I noticed a fresh stack of Post-it Notes on my desk.

I didn’t put them there.

So there I sat.

My mind raced through my checkered history with Post-it Notes.

Using Post-it Notes for quick info while working as a network engineer.

Using Post-it Notes jotting down ideas.

The dreaded using Post-it Notes as a to-do list system.

And worse using Post-it Notes like a Trello board.

You name it I’ve tried it with Post-it Notes.

Each time ending with throwing all of my Post-it Notes and pads in the garbage.

So years back I banned Post-it Notes from my workspace.

When an occasional Post-it Note pad is left on my desk I promptly return it to its owner or back to our office supply closet.

Doesn’t matter whether I use the paper Post-In Notes or even the app that comes on my computer, it’s all a mess.

Clutter. Clutter. Clutter.

I’m not perfect.

Sometimes a Post-it Note will slip onto my desk.

When that happens…

It doesn’t take long for me to transfer the info to my Bullet Journal or where the information should go in an app or online.

So yeah, that’s why Post-it Notes are banned from my workspace.