Is Your Tech Environment Obsolete?


Whenever I’m looking for an old piece of software I head over to

It’s the best.

It’s a virtual history of the apps and services created as the internet grew up.

Even to this day.

On occasion.

I’ll need an old app to help a customer.

And when this happens.

I head over to and download what I need.

But here’s the thing.

Yes, this site is cool.

And I appreciate the folks who keep it up.

But the reason I go to this site typically is to help clients out of a mess they’re in.

A mess that’s been created by letting their tech environment deteriorate into obsolescence.

Are you running old software?

Occasionally, in my travels, I’ll get introduced to a client that’s running a really old app.

Sometimes they’re off the shelf apps.

Sometimes they’re custom-built apps.

And when I do.

It’s time to unfutz the futz.

Sometimes clients don’t want to change to something new.

Or they can’t for a specific reason.

What that happens.

I’ll come up with a workaround or apply a tech band-aid for the time being.

But in the end, we’ll find and move to something new.

Obsolete software and hardware hold your business back

You might think it doesn’t.

But it does.

If something is unsupportable.

It’s unsupportable.

If it breaks.

You’re toast.

Running on supportable software and hardware is key to running a modern business.

If you have an old piece of software or hardware running a piece of your business I encourage you to think twice.

What would happen to your business if that piece of technology went down?

And second.

What would happen to your business if that piece of technology can’t be brought back to life?

Embrace change.

End the obsolete in your business.