The 10 Commandments For Tech Guys


One of the lessons I was taught when I was a young tech guy making my way up the corporate ladder was a code of ethics.

The rules were basic back then.

They boiled down to 2 things.

We are the guardians

It is our responsibility to safeguard everything.

Information and technology.

Never break trust

As a person working in the tech field, we are responsible for people’s information and technology.

People trust us with their business information and technology.

Never break that trust.

To this day I continue to uphold the trust placed on individuals who work in the tech field.

I could share stories of when tech people break trust.

But it wouldn’t add anything to this article.


As a tech person having ethics is core to what we do.

It’s frustrating to see tech people sending bending rules.

In short, it’s frustrating to see tech people doing the wrong thing.

Which is not honoring the trust a client has given them.

With that said.

Here is my take on the tech guys code of honor.

The 10 Commandments Of Tech

  1. I will protect my clients information and technology.

  2. I will not read people’s email without permission.

  3. I will not use my clients software licensing for myself or another business.

  4. I will not use my clients computing resources for myself or another business.

  5. I will not steal data.

  6. I will not sell data.

  7. I will not break stuff on purpose.

  8. I will not break the law.

  9. I will provide facts first.

  10. I will maintain trust and confidentiality at all times and in all places.