Fair Over Cheap


People love to tell you about the great deal they got on something.

Hey Rob, I got this great deal on XYZ.

Great isn’t that great?

Everyone loves a deal

Everyone wants the lowest price.

We live in a world where the lowest price wins.

Things like value, quality, and brand don’t hold a candle to price.

At least not like they used to.


There are other people who populate this planet—that think a little differently.

These people are fine with paying a fair price.

Now a fair price is not always the lowest price.

That’s why it’s called a fair price.

If you’re comparing two vendors and one cost a little more.

Most people would say…

Go with the cheaper price.

But what if a few bucks more actually gets you more?

Low price is a tough competitor to a fair price

The lowest price makes us shortsighted.

The lowest price will make us look good to our boss.

The lowest price somehow infers that we are providing value to our business.

The lowest price suggests that we won.

I get it.

We live in a world of the lowest price.

And still, a fair price makes a lot of sense

Paying for value makes a lot of sense.

Paying for quality makes a lot of sense.

And a lot of people are fine with paying a fair price.

And in many instances even a premium price.

I was working with the client yesterday who likes to buy everything cheap

Well, not everything.

What’s funny is that they wear nice clothes.

They drive nice cars.

They eat good food.

And they even pay big bucks to attend fancy conferences.

And still.

They want everything cheap.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing

I just like to be consistent with my actions and behaviors.

I am fine paying a fair price.

Sure I’ll buy an occasional BOGO and grab something while it’s on sale.

But it’s not my main mode of operation.

A fair price is fair.

I will continue to work with and buy from companies that provide great products and great services at a fair price.

It just makes sense, doesn’t it?