Don't Skimp On Your Conference Room


Meetings are expensive.

The matter how you slice it.

Staff time costs money.

You pull a bunch of people into a room or connect remotely to discuss issues and items.

Meetings affect your productivity.

And are often a waste of time.

Still, no matter what the experts say.

People just like to have meetings.

They want their meetings.

With all of the cost and time at stake, you would think that business owners would want to make meetings—as efficient as possible.

Fixing Your Meeting Space

Here’s where the tech comes in.

Most conference rooms are not equipped for productive meetings.

Crazy huh?

Typically the least amount of effort is placed on a businesses most expensive events.


And the least amount of money as well.

One would think that you would set up your conference room with the most efficient technology.

That you would want to maximize productivity and keep costs down.

But that’s not the case.

Often people put their oldest computers in the conference room.

They use substandard technology that kills time just getting a meeting started.

Do you use substandard technology that makes it difficult for people to quickly connect and communicate?


Here are a few simple improvements that you could do to your conference room to make it more productive and more efficient.

Put in a big screen TV

Run down to your local Costco and grab a new TV for a few hundred bucks.

Get it mounted on the wall.

Get a screencasting device

I like AirTame.

But if you want to use Chromecast or Apple TV.

Have at it.

Just make sure you have a network connection for your casting device.

It helps.

Standardize on a meeting tool

If you like Microsoft Teams use that.

If you like Zoom or GoToMeeting use that.

But for simplicity sake.

Pick one.

Get a decent conferencing camera

Whether it’s a Logitech Meetup or an Owl camera.

Get something good.

The conference room PC

If you do have a PC that you use in your conference room.

Make sure it’s a good PC.

Remember that meetings cost money and time.

A fast PC with the needed meeting tools loaded on it can make a huge difference when it comes to efficient meetings.

If you need help

Reach out to your friendly local neighborhood technologist.

They should be able to help you to plan out and set up a productive conference room.

Happy conferencing!