Is Your Data Unstructured, Untagged And Untapped?


Fifty-five percent of an organization’s data is “dark” — unquantified and untapped — according to new global research by TRUE Global Intelligence

In short, most businesses have a bunch of data that’s just sitting there--unstructured, untagged, untapped.

In my travels, I often help businesses organize their file data.

Basically, I help them organize the folders and files that are used in their business.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

And more work is needed.

Services like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite include the ability to organize, categorize, protect, and report on your company’s data.

When your company data is organized and categorized you now have the ability to implement automation.

Why would you want to do that?

Well, for 2 reasons.

1—Your company may need to align to compliance requirements like HIPAA or FINRA.

2—You’d like to improve protection and reporting around your company’s data.

The second reason is interesting.

Do you want to know when a document was shared externally?

Do you want to know when someone emailed a corporate document?

Do you want to know when someone deleted a document?

All of these questions can be answered by implementing controls available in Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite.

But it takes some work.

And it takes some consideration.

Is it worth it?

I think so.

Organization and categorization is something that big Fortune 100 companies practice.

But small businesses don’t.


Well, because they’re small businesses.

But Microsoft and Google have given us the tools to compete with the big boys.

Tools to help us meet compliance standards.

Tools that help us to land business and to protect our business.

Is your data unstructured, untagged and untapped?

It might be time to step up your data management practices.