Tech Note - Unfutzing The Futz


On occasion, I’ll be brought in to unfutz the futz.

Sometimes things go wrong.

A project may have gone off the rails.

Or something just isn’t going the way it should be.

When things get really messed up.

It’s time to bring in the reserves.

The other day I was brought in to help review a project gone wrong

The client has paid a provider to implement a project and midway through…

Things were not going so well.

So bad in fact, that they decided to cut their losses and fire the provider.

As luck would have it, I was asked to take a look and see if I could help the situation.

On occasion, this can be as simple as reframing the approach and getting things back on track.

Other times, you’re left trying to figure out what the heck the person before you was doing.

There are always at least three ways to do something in technology and unfortunately, sometimes certain people don’t choose any of them.

This was one of those cases.

I ended up assessing the situation and proposing a path forward

It did take a little bit of time to figure things out.

But I figured it out.

The life of a technologist can be an adventure.

You have the privilege of designing and building tech environments to help businesses grow and operate.

While at the same time unfutzing the world of futzed up tech.