The Beauty Of Cloud Storage


Have you ever had a file deleted and wondered who deleted it?

Have you ever had an employee take data off of your network and then quit?

Have you ever had an employee leak data by accident?

Concerned about PII or PHI data coming into or leaving your environment?

If so, using cloud storage could help your business.

In the old days businesses would store their data on servers

The servers would be setup to allow certain people to have access to certain data.

Yep, basic access and deny permissions was all you had.

If you were subject to compliance initiatives or just wanted to have more control over your company’s data you’d be forced to purchase expensive and clunky apps to get marginal control.

Enter cloud storage

With apps like OneDrive/SharePoint and Google Drive your business now has the ability to control and manage data like big companies do.

At a fraction of the price.

That’s because Microsoft and Google provide built in features that allow you to categorize, control and track your data.

This is a big win for small business.

Even so, many businesses still have traditional file servers.

And many business have only partially moved to the cloud.

While it’s great that so many businesses have adopted cloud services to run their business on.

There is still a ways to go.

Changing old habits can be hard

Embracing new ways to do things can be an uphill walk.

But the benefits are there for the taking.

Microsoft and Google both provide great tools to help your business.

It just takes a little planning and building to take your business operations to the next level.

Consider using cloud storage in your business.

Get your tech right.