Tech Support Is An Art Not A Science


No matter how much work you put into building the perfect tech environment.

Tech support is an art—and not a science.

Allow me to paint a picture

A tech-support call comes in.

The person reports that the internet is not working.

A technician listens to the problem description.

They then review and assess the situation.

They quickly discover that issue has nothing to do with the Internet at all.

In fact, this person actually has a printing problem.

The technician applies a fix.

Has the person test.

And they’re back to work.

This is a day in the life of a tech support representative.

Most tech support calls start on a blank canvas

A person calls in with a request.

A technician then draws a picture of the issue.

And then the Issue is resolved.

This cycle of—help I have a problem.

Followed by a service exchange.

Is the dance of the tech support technician.

It can be frustrating for the person requesting support.

And for the technician providing the support.


Well, as you can see.

It’s all because tech support is an art, not a science.

Sure there are processes in place

Troubleshooting methodologies.

And all that sort of stuff.

But tech support for computers is more often than not a process of discovery before a fix can be applied.

The variable in all of this?


When you involve humans in the equation you introduce unpredictability.

It’s fine.

I’m not saying we don’t need people.

Only that they’re the wildcard.

And that science often struggles with wildcards.

So next time you’re on a tech support call.

Take a deep breath.


Add a little patience and know…

Tech support is an art and not a science.