New Client Tuesdays


My newest client is a company that supports the cruise industry here in South Florida.

Their tech environment is comprised of a mix of both cloud and on-site tech.

They’re moving from a “one tech guy doing everything” model to an outsourced IT company.

It’s a big step.

But one whose time has come.

As a business grows there are inflection points

Times when more is better than less.

Times where structure and direction are needed.

And this is one of those times.

This client needs some basic alignment of their tech.

A tweak here and a tweak there to get them to the next horizon.

This one is going to be a great ride.

But the one thing that will make things fun is this.

Their culture.

This client is patient, understanding and generally wants to make things better.

They enjoy their work day.

They’re very much like my company.

They help people.

And that makes for a great relationship.

Sure, there will be a few stormy days ahead as things change.

But once we’re out of the harbor it’ll be smooth sailing on the open seas.

See what I did there?