What Antivirus Do You Use?


Ask any tech guy out there what antivirus software they use and be ready for a dissertation ad nauseum.

If you attend any tech conference at some point someone will ask you the age old question…

What antivirus software do you use?

For most techs what antivirus software they recommend is akin to religion.

They’ll fight tooth and nail to prove that they’re right.


I don’t know.

It just seems that most tech guys fancy themselves as security experts.

The funny is that most are far from it.


In February 2018, VIPRE surveyed over 500 providers in the North American cybersecurity industry.

The results were published in a report titled - State of Security in the Channel.

The report surveyed small and large IT service providers with revenues between $2 million and $25 million annually.

One would consider these companies successful service providers.

What’s interesting are the results.

When asked what antivirus was most used the names that came back were surprising.

McAfee and Symantec reigned supreme.

What was even more interesting was that antivirus software that most tech guys claim as the best, ranked amongst the lowest deployed.

From: Industry Report - State Of Security In The Channel

From: Industry Report - State Of Security In The Channel

How can that be?

When asked about antivirus, most tech guys will tout the greatness of Webroot, Sophos or Trend Micro.

But for some reason, they’re not being used.

At least nowhere near what one would expect.

I’m not here to debate what antivirus software is best.

I’m merely pointing out that what the experts recommend is not what they use in practice.

So does it matter what antivirus you use?

To me, not so much.

The important thing is that you have something.

That it’s actively managed.

And more important…

That your tech environment is set up properly to provide your business with an optimum security posture.


So next time you’re hanging out with a tech-savvy do-gooder.

And you’re in a troublemaker mood.

Ask them what antivirus they use.

And then sit back and enjoy the ride.