Why Your Business Needs The Tech Basics


Baby steps.

When you meet a representative from any Managed Service Provider they’ll gladly tell you all about the great stuff their company does.

How they’ll manage your IT.

How they’re your technology partner.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

But sometimes, just having the basics is that all your business needs.

At the most basic level all your business really needs is a managed tech framework

A managed tech framework sets up and covers the basics.

This includes things like

Keeping your computers patched and updated.

Keeping your computers secure with managed antivirus software.

Making sure your critical systems are backed up.

And making sure your Internet connections are protected with a proper firewall.

This framework is the basis of managed tech

Sure there are other services like helpdesk, tech-support, and projects, to maintain and manage your tech environment.

But really.

When push comes to shove.

At least have the basics covered.

And so it comes down to this.

What is it worth?

What does a managed tech framework cost?

And last but not least.

Can I get it cheaper?

Let’s tackle these answers.

What is it worth?

Let’s put it this way.

In the connected world that we live in today operating your business without at least a basic framework is dangerous.

Unpatched and unprotected systems are easier to hack.

Systems are more vulnerable to employee mistakes.

And your odds for bad things happening go up exponentially.

I’m not trying to be a negative nancy.

Or use some scare tactics on you.

It’s just that the odds of something going bad and your ability to recover from it are at risk.

Putting a price on reliability and recoverability.

Well, it depends on event that takes your business down.

What is that worth to you?

What does a managed tech framework cost?

The answer as always is…

It depends.

It depends on the level of sophistication of the service provider you choose.

This isn’t the number of years the service provider has been in business.

Or how many award or testimonials they have.

Or even how many people they have on staff.

The level of sophistication is a technical measurement based on how they implement their framework.

Some providers take their tech seriously and really do this well.

But for most their tech is just a checkbox and a selling point.

Just because someone says they do something doesn’t mean they actually do it.

So how much does it cost?

Well, between $25 and $65 per computer per month.

Note, many providers bundle their services so you’ll likely never see costs broken out like this.

Can I get it cheaper?

Most companies don’t understand the value managed tech.

Just sayin’.

The other challenge is that most service providers don’t deliver.

This creates a gap in understanding that leads the customer to the one basis on which to measure on.


What is the difference between the provider down the street and AT&T?

They both say they provide the same service.

At roughly the same price.

Actually, there’s a lot of difference.

But it’s hard to know what it is.

AT&T is global.

They have tech support in one country.

Computer monitoring in another country.

Firewall management in another country.

It’s all over the place.

And your service experience will likely be the same.

All over the place.

An IT provider down the street may operate in the same manner.

It’s possible they’re just reselling a managed IT service that’s fulfilled by somebody else.

It’s crazy.

And I totally understand how a customer can get confused and just make purchasing decisions on price alone.

You need some structure

At the end of the day the point is to have some structure for the tech in your business.

You need the basics covered.

You need the basics done well.

And you need them done well at a fair price.

If you can just get to this level with your tech.

Your business will be in good shape.

This is the path to getting the tech right in your business.

The basics.

Sometimes just taking the first step opens the door to a new reality.