The Difference Between Tellers and Askers


Have you ever met someone who’s a Teller?

By Teller I mean…

You meet the person for the first time and they begin by telling you what they want.

And then they switch to telling you what to do.

There’s no asking.

There’s no listening.

There is no understanding.

Whenever I meet a teller…

I am always cautious.

Some tellers are very smart.

Others not so much.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m all for someone who has vision.

Someone who knows what they want.

But vision and desire aren’t typically a tellers mode of operation.

Introducing Askers

Whenever I meet an Asker things go different.

The person shares what they are looking for.

And then they ask you one important question.

What do you think?

It is in that one phrase…

What do you think or what do you recommend?

That value is exchanged.

Value for both the person asking and for the person providing the response.

Asker’s collaborate.

Asker’s listen.

And Asker’s understand.

Or at least they try to.

Are you a Teller or an Asker?