New Client Tuesdays


This weeks New Client Tuesday’s is about a startup that’s experiencing rapid growth.

This client went from a couple of guys with an idea to a staff of 20 at last count.

We’ve been brought in to help tame the wild west.

As can happen when bootstrapping a startup.

Decisions were made based on managing through the current challenge at the time.

Next steps…

Most everything will need to be redone in this environment.

But that’s okay.

And that’s because this client understands that a little change now will pay huge dividends going forward.

One fun item of note was one of this client’s pain points.

Power outages.

Every day at lunch when anyone uses the microwave their internet goes offline.

It just so happens that their network gear is installed in their kitchen.

To make matters worse.

They have the microwave plugged into the same outlet as their network gear.

And to add insult to injury.

They have several power strips daisy-chained in the same area.

It’s an easy fix.

We just clean up the daisy-chain power strip issue.

BTW—Don’t daisy-chain power strips.

And we moved the microwave to another outlet and breaker.

There’s a lot more work to be done to get this environment set up to support this client now and going forward.

I’m excited for the days ahead.