AT&T SLA's Aren't Real


The other day I was harping on why SLA’s aren’t valid.

And, why most of them don’t aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

The Event

Last week a client had their AT&T internet service go down.

So we contacted AT&T right away and opened a service request.

At that point AT&T is supposed to call you back within a certain time period.

They did not.

And so we called them to follow-up.

According to AT&T you are allowed to escalate a certain number of times within a given time period.

So we continued to call and escalate and call and escalate and 24 hours later…

We were no further than when we started.

So we continued to make phone calls.

Just a quick note.

I am only sharing this because this is how it goes with AT&T most of the time.

And by most of the time.

I mean like 9 times out of 10.

So now back to the story.

Finally, we were able to connect with someone at AT&T and they tell us that there is an equipment malfunction somewhere in the circuit path and that they need to send a technician out.

They aren’t able to provide a status on when the technician will arrive.

And so we’re back to calling every hour requesting an update.

So what happened to the service level agreement?

What happened to the written agreement that guaranteed a level of service?

The reality is this.

There is no guarantee.

In the end, we’ll be able to request a credit.

And we’ll have to jump through hoops to make that happen.

Meanwhile, it is now day 3 and the clients AT&T service is still down.

You might ask the question.

So why do you work with AT&T at all?

Well, that’s because in the South Florida market…

Your choices are limited to Comcast and AT&T.

And so I recommend to all of my clients to buy one of each for redundancy.

So next time you’re looking at an agreement and the provider is telling you how they have an SLA.

Think twice.

Think the following.

How reliable is this provider?

How often do you I think they will let you down?

ATT Internet for the most part does stay up.

And if you have a backup provider the outages are less painful.

Just know this.

For the most part.

AT&T outages are a pain to deal with.