Bad Hiring Happens At Your Front Door


I work with a client that reached 100 employees this past year.

The COO was doing all of the hiring and so she decided it was time to hire an HR person to help.

There is really no other way to put it.

She hired wrong.

New HR person rude was rude, unprofessional and generally not a nice person to work with.

It was a difficult situation at best.

The gatekeeper

So as you might imagine with this person being the gatekeeper.

This company's hiring got bad.

Really bad.

People got hired that should not have been hired.

People were let go that should not have been let go.

And to boot.

The company’s culture was in chaos.

So why would this companies leadership knowingly do that?

The reality is this.

They didn’t know

They didn’t know what or who to hire.

If you’re the hiring person in your company as many small business owners are.

It can be a hard to transition from owner based hiring to having the process ran by an human resources person.

I’m writing about the subject because it happens way too much in the workplace.

As an owner or leader in your company you have worked way too hard to find and hire the right people.

Handing the reins of hiring to just anyone is a dangerous move.

So how do you fix this?

Step 1—Get rid of the HR person.

Step 2—I would recommend once again getting the book Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street.

Whenever you’re making a decision like changing the gatekeeper to hiring.

You need to be armed with information and knowledge.

Be careful when taking big steps in your business.

What are those big steps?

Hiring an HR person.

Hiring an IT company.

Hiring a Controller.


Hiring someone to run Sales.

Big steps require bigger than normal effort.

Making the right decisions at key points along your businesses journey as critical for success.

Choose wisely.