We Count People Not Devices


My buddy Dave was talking to a prospect yesterday.

He asked them.

What do you think our chances are?

The prospect responded with...

We like you the best.

But they said.

As is common in business.

We need to get at least 2 proposals.

They went on.

The problem is that our second vendor has not responded.

They continued.

When we spoke last they asked us to count every device in our environment.

They said the only way for them to give us a quote would be if they had a count of every device.

Computers, printers, wireless access points, switches, everything.

My buddy Dave responded as follows.

That is interesting.

We count people not devices

Our business is about helping people not technology

The prospect smiled.

There is an interesting distinction here in what David said.

So many IT provider’s approach clients from a technical perspective.

Knobs and wrenches.

Ones and zeros.

The reality is this.

Being a tech provider is about helping people first

Being a tech provider is also about helping your business leverage technology.

People helping people.

So next time you’re looking for a new tech provider.

Look for a company that cares about people.

Tech is about people.

Not devices.

Get your tech right.