Google G Suite Does Microsoft Office 365


Historically there have been some challenges when sharing documents back and forth between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.

The most notable of these exchanges has been between Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

The workflow usually goes something like this…

Someone makes a document in Excel and then emails it to a Google Sheets user.

The Google Sheets user then opens the workbook in Sheets and makes some edits.

When they’re done, they save the document once again as an Excel document and then email it back to the document owner.

This cycle then repeats itself until the work is done.

It can be a pain for sure.


Recently Google made an update to the Google G Suite service that now allows you to seamlessly or near seamlessly share and collaborate on Microsoft Office 365 documents.

I applaud Google for extending the hand of fellowship.

The ability to open a Microsoft Excel workbook inside of Google Sheets and maintain functions and references is huge.


So if you’re a Google G Suite company and you’re thinking of switching to Microsoft Office 365 you might want to reconsider.

Sure, Microsoft Office 365 is a great service.

In fact, it’s an awesome service.

But by the same token, Google G Suite is pretty awesome too.

It really just boils down to a matter of preference.

Each platform has its own benefits.

But document interoperability is a huge plus for G Suite.

The ability to play nice with others is always a big win in my book.

Embracing interoperability for whatever reason is a good practice.

Way to go Google!

Now back to collaborating.