We Are The Problem Police


One of the core skills needed to work in the tech space is problem-solving.

Sure it’s a life skill.

But to be any good in the tech world.

You’ll need to be really good at problem-solving.

Nothing sucks more than calling someone for tech support and hearing that looming silence of uncertainty on the phone.

Or worse yet.

Getting someone on the line who clearly doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, your tech breaks sometimes

You’re going about your workday minding your own business.

Then all of a sudden…

Something on your computer doesn't work right.

You can’t print.

You can’t get to the Internet.

You can’t use your email.

Or, some app isn’t behaving the way it’s supposed to.

You’ve got a problem.

Your work day is stopped.

And your current task is halted.

So what do you do?

You call tech support.

Engage a problem solver.

And then get back to work.

The Problem Police

As technologists, our days are spent on helping other people to move forward.

Heck, we’re in the business of helping people get back to work.

We catch the bad guys. (fix problems)

But to do that.

Good problem-solving skills are needed.

Heck, great problem-solving skills are needed.

Does your tech provider have the skills?